Our home base is in Washington, the heart of the Pacific Northwest. We’re generally in the PNW region half the year, and on the road the other half, with various destinations beyond the American highway system sprinkled in.

*Travel fees are complimentary for bookings that align with our travel schedule, including international locations. We set our travel schedule to align with the best times of the year to be in these locations based on weather, crowds, and other factors. If the location you want is not on our travel schedule, send us an inquiry and we’ll see if we can add it.*


Baja and Cabo Mexico

We want to go somewhere warm and tropical to beach bum around and soak in all the vitamin D we can get! And of course, we want some adventure too 😉 For the month of January we’ll be learning how to surf in the warm waters of Baja Mexico. We’ll be near Cabo San Lucas, a beach lovers paradise known for its turquoise waters, white sand beaches, incredible snorkeling and scuba diving, and unique cave features like Land’s End  Arch. And we’ll have our airstream with us! We’ll road tripping down there from Washington and hitting all our favorite spots  along the west coast, like the Redwoods, Big Sur, and Disney 😉


Kauai, HI

The laid back vibe of Hawaii’s most adventurous island is really something special. You can relax in a tropical paradise all morning and then have the adventure of a lifetime in the afternoon. You have epic ocean cliffs down on the shore, drive 45 minutes up the west side and you have a lush Grand Canyon feel with raging waterfalls, and then 15 more minutes up the road you have the steep ridge lines of the Na Pali coast. Along with all the adventure hikes you have snorkeling, surfing, sea kayaking, boat tours… it’s a water junkie’s heaven. What better way to escape the cold for a tropical elopement and honeymoon?


Scotland + PNW Coast

We’ll exploring the rugged beaches along the Washington and Oregon coasts. Most days in March are misty and overcast, creating a moody, ethereal feeling that fills you with wonder. The old growth forest and giant trees that boarder these beaches create and incredible diversity of landscape and are best explored on these dramatic March days. Curling up by a fire or soaking in a hot tub at the end of your days here are a must 😉 Mid March we travel to Isle of Skye in Scotland. Our trip to Scotland is primarily for our own exploration and to attend our friend’s wedding as guests! We cannot wait to experience allll the epic moody landscape vibes!


Unsure // Big Sur // Washington // Colorado

We’re still undecided on where we’ll travel to in April. We’ll be based in Washington for the month, which is perfect for the Olympic National Park beaches or snowy mountain elopements. We’re also considering a trip to Colorado to visit friends and family and maybe even a trip to Big Sur, California! Check back in to see when we’ve made an official decision or get in touch if you have an itch to explore one of these places too.


Washington + Oregon Coasts // California Redwoods

The Oregon coast is lined with rocky islands protruding from the ocean and seaside cliffs that look out over them. These rugged overlooks and rocky beaches make you feel incredibly free and a playful sense of wonder takes over. And just 30 minutes over the California border you find yourself in a giant Redwood forest. These massive groves have a way of making you feel so teeny tiny in an incredibly huge world. Imagine walking through a forest of 1,000+ year old trees that tower above you for what seems like miles and miles. These are easily some of our favorite spots on the west coast.


The Dolomites, Italy // Washington

We’ve been drooling over photos of the Dolomites for years and after talking to one of our couples about their trip, we’ve finally decided to go! By late June the snow has melted out and wildflowers are just starting to bloom. The Dolomites has it all – world class hikes, sweeping mountains, jagged peaks, turquoise alpine lakes, green meadows, giant cliffs, via ferratas, alpine climbing… the list goes on. If this kind of an adventure sounds like something you’re interested in – get in touch!


Mount Rainier and the North Cascades, Washington

Mount Rainier has a fairytale, enchanting feeling while the North Cascades are vast and rugged. The first half of July is prime wildflower season at Mount Rainier. Wild flowers start blooming and light up the mountainsides with shades of yellow, orange, purple, white, pink, and blue. These mountains are a magical place where clouds cling to mountainsides, tall trees blanket the slopes, ferns and moss grow everywhere you look, and serene alpine ponds appear where you least expect them. The feeling of awe and wonder is addicting, and the PNW delivers it in spades.


Greece // Washington Mountains

We’ll be in Washington’s Cascade mountains, often referred to as a “sea of peaks” as the layers of mountains seem to stretch on forever. They’re also referred to as the American Alps, with giant jagged peaks towering high above you in every direction. There’s no better place than to feel the awe and grandness of mother nature’s mountains. Mid August we’re taking a break from the mountains and heading to the warm waters of the Greek Islands. We’ll be exploring the island of Crete, which is known for having the most diverse landscapes of the greek islands, including white sand beaches and mountain ranges.

Sep + Oct

Washington Mountains

Fall is our favorite season in the Washington Cascades. The needles of Larch trees turn bright yellow and wild blueberries turn a fiery red, blanketing the hillsides in color. Snow and glaciers still cling to the jagged peaks of the North Cascades, and all the trails are finally snow-free. With glaciated volcanic mountains, lush green forests, the endless trails (and dog friendly 🐕) to explore, and the solitude so easily found amidst it all, this is our favorite landscape to explore this time of year. These beautiful mountains are why we chose to make Washington our home in the first place.