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Mt Rainier Elopements on the blog

Mt Rainier National Park is a world-class elopement destination. The park is known for its enchanting, whimsical landscape of tall evergreens, rolling hills of wildflowers, pristine alpine lakes, and of course, the massive glaciated volcano that is Mount Rainier.

Standing at 14,410ft above sea level, it’s hard to describe the scale of Mount Rainier without witnessing it in person. Yes, Colorado has many more 14ers (mountains over 14,000 ft tall), but keep in mind that that in Seattle you’re looking at Mt Rainier from sea level while Colorado starts around a mile high. So yeah, Mt Rainier is massive!

Eloping in Mount Rainier National Park is an incredible experience. You can get so much variety in a single day here, from lush old growth forests to rugged alpine mountain peaks, there are no shortage of stunning photo ops. The trails are well-maintained, it’s not too far from Seattle, and the wildflowers here, when in season, are some of the most incredible we’ve seen anywhere.

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