The iceland Elopement you've been dreaming of

It’s all about marrying your best friend in a place as incredible as your love for each other and making your day an adventurous experience. Let’s make your Iceland elopement as epic as you envision it.

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Hey! We’re the Foxes

We’re Brandon and Gabi and we’re an elopement photographer husband and wife team. That spacey-lookin’ thing is our 1972 Airstream, which serves as our home on wheels and our ticket to adventure. Our “home base” is Seattle, but we travel all over the Pacific Northwest, California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and beyond…basically wherever there are mountains and lots of adventure. Iceland looks like one of the most wild places on Earth and we can’t wait to explore it for the first time!

We’ll be in Iceland capturing elopements October 2020


We’ve been road-life-ing it full time all around this country for the last 5 years, and have spent a lot of time exploring everything from national parks to hidden gems in the back country. But Iceland is at the top of our bucket list. You can find yourself exploring black sand beaches, lush mossy canyons, wide open grassy fields, the largest waterfalls in the world, snowy mountains, and hot spring lagoons. The scale & overwhelming beauty of this place is absolutely breathtaking! We’re up for the adventure if you are 😉

Pro Tip: Renting an off-roading vehicle is a great option for those of you wanting to adventure into the deepest, most wild places of Iceland.

Learn more about our elopement photography and check out our travel schedule to see when we’ll be where.

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