the foxes 2021 travel schedule and remaining dates


we only have 2 dates left for 2021

Each year, we set our travel schedule based on the most epic locations for elopement adventures and the best times to be there. Some locations are old favorites we’ve shot at many times before and others are places that have been on our bucket list for too long! All of them are certified Fox-worthy for epic elopements, and our bar is set reaaallllly high 😉

Our prices start at $8,000 and couples typically spend $10,000+ // Get in touch for details pricing and packages.

Elope amongst the ancient giants and crashing waves

May 17th *last date available*

Redwoods + coast, Norcal

Imagine walking through this grove of giant trees, thinking about all they’ve seen in their hundreds of years of life, watching the cathedral light filter through the canopy, listening to the animals living amongst these trees, and hearing them creak as they sway in the gentle breeze. It’s all very enchanting. Some of these towering beauties are up to 2,000 years old – yeah, you read that right, TWO THOUSAND. And they’re some of the tallest living things on the planet. And after watching the light filter through the trees, we can head to the coast to watch the sun dip beneath the Pacific Ocean.

Elope amongst the "sea of peaks"

August 2nd *last date available*

North Cascades, Washington

The North Cascades are some to the sea of rugged peaks, glaciated volcanic mountains, wild huckleberries, the lush green forests, endless (and dog friendly 🐕) trails to explore, and the solitude so easily found amidst it all. Photographing couples in this landscape has been inspiring and so much fun. Washington and all its beauty has truly captured our hearts 💕

Foxes Schedule for 2022


April *only 2 dates available*

Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah is an otherworldly landscape featuring tall desert towers, big rivers that cut through giant canyons, and the reddest dirt you’ve ever seen. And will all kinds of fun adventuring to be had, mountain biking, off roading, sky diving, rock climbing, water rafting…. it’s the perfect adventure elopement location. Moab itself is home to TWO national parks and within a short 5 hour drive from three other national parks – making Utah a perfect place for an elopement and honeymoon adventure road trip.

Elope on the rugged yet romantic Oregon coast

May *only 2 dates available*

Oregon Coast

There isn’t a bad spot on the entire Oregon coast – all the way from the border of California to the border of Washington there are postcard-worthy views. At the far southern coast you can see a plethora of sea stacks and natural arches poking out of the ocean, and towering redwoods lurk just inland. As you head north, you’ll encounter rolling sand dunes, grassy bluffs that look like a scene from Scotland, dramatic sea cliffs, massive sea stacks, and pristine beaches. And the whole coast has cute little beach towns with great seafood and ocean-front Airbnbs! 

Elope in the coastal mountains of the olympic peninsula

June *only 2 dates available*

Olympic Peninsula, Wa

The mountains rise up from a massive temperate rainforest that’s filled with mystical moss and ancient trees. This means you can often start the day exploring the forest and end it with sunset high on a rugged peak! One of our favorite things about hiking out here are the expansive views you can get of the Puget sound and all the volcanoes in the region. On a clear day, you can even see far into Canada and the Coast Mountain Range. Being a little lower elevation than the Cascade range, the snow melts earlier in these mountains, so we love hiking here in June and July.

Elope in South Africa for adventurous wildlife and desert mountains

*image purchased from Getty Images because we haven’t been… yet 😉

July and August

South Africa

*Inquire for Special Discounted Pricing*

Glowing African sunsets, pristine coastlines where the mountains meet the sea, wild rock formations and wild animals…this is the stuff of South Africa. Travel to the other side of the world and other half of the hemisphere for the ultimate elopement adventure. Easily one of the biggest draws of South Africa are the safaris, where elephants and giraffes and lions can be counted as guests at your elopement. For travel and food lovers, there’s so much amazing cuisine and South African culture to experience all around the region. And the landscape is incredibly varied, featuring rugged coastlines, dramatic mountains, expansive desertscapes, crazy rock formations, and sunsets that glow with a special intensity. Eloping in South Africa is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience and one hell of a way to kick off the rest of your lives togeth

Elope amongst the American Alps

September *only 2 dates available*

North Cascades, Washington

The North Cascades are some to the sea of rugged peaks, glaciated volcanic mountains, wild huckleberries, the lush green forests, endless (and dog friendly 🐕) trails to explore, and the solitude so easily found amidst it all. Photographing couples in this landscape has been inspiring and so much fun. Washington and all its beauty has truly captured our hearts 💕

Elope on a classic adventure that you two typically have together

Open Dates

Backpacking and Climbing elopements

*Inquire for Custom Pricing*

If you and your person are backpackers or climbers and want to incorporate some extra adventure into your elopement – this is for you! We love backpacking and big climbing adventures in our own personal life, so getting to mix that with an elopement is SO MUCH FUN. Let us know what you have in mind for your day of adventure, we’ll give our expert advice for how to make it happen, and then we’ll all rope up and go out with you two for an unforgettable climb.


May *only 2 dates available*

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is, irrefutably, the most magical, romantic, adventurous, relaxing, enchanting elopement destination on the planet. If we were going to elope anywhere in the world, we’d elope in Kauai. Yep, that’s our honest answer! Kauai holds such a special place in our hearts, and when you experience it for yourselves you’ll see why. I mean, where else can you swim with sea turtles in the morning, hike through a Grand Canyon-look-alike in the afternoon, and catch sunset on a dramatic mountain cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean?! Kauai, that’s where. June is the perfect time to experience this island and we’ll help you plan a full value adventure!


$3,000 – 2 hour engagement shoot

$8,000 – Full day elopement package

$9,000 – Sunrise & sunset elopement package

$10,000 – Multi day & backpacking elopement package


July *fully booked*

Dolomites, Italy

Being mountain obsessed explorers, we have been itching to explore these rugged peaks for years. The Italian Alps are even more jagged and iconic than Switzerland’s, making them a photographer’s paradise. Ancient Refugios (little mountain towns) are scattered amongst lush mountain valleys, where you can spend the night and enjoy legendary Italian food and wine. And the views pretty much smack you in the face everywhere you go. From short approaches to adventurous Via Ferratas that traverse steep cliffs, there are jaw-dropping views to be had for everyone. 

Elope in one of the most wild landscapes in the world

October *fully booked*


The land of Fire and Ice! Iceland really needs no introduction. Just hop on Instagram and half of your feed is probably filled with epic photos from this magical landscape. Gushing waterfalls, moss covered hillsides, volcanic rocks, black sand beaches, geothermal pools, turquoise glaciers, rugged mountains, enchanting valleys…it’s honestly mind-boggling the variety of the landscape here. Your elopement in Iceland will be jam packed with unforgettable views and an experience you won’t need photos of to remember vividly. But just in case, we’ll probably take about 10,000 epic photos anyways 😉 

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