Sedona Elopement on Red Desert Rocks

Sedona Elopement on Red Desert Rocks

Alycia and Robbie road tripped from Phoenix for this Sedona elopement. The entire day was spent among the red rocks and stunning formations of Arizona’s desert landscape. As the sun set, these two could not stop smiling as their dream of a candle-light intimate Sedona elopement was a reality.

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A Sedona Elopement Ceremony

Sedona, Arizona is known for being one of the most colorful places in the Southwest United States. It is a small desert town south of Flagstaff marked by red rock buttes and pine forests. Alycia and Robbie road-tripped from Phoenix to meet us at this spot. Alycia could not have chosen a better way to celebrate the colorful reputation of this elopement location! Her blue-tinted dress stood out so well among the red rocks and green shrubs.

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Alycia and Robbie began their day with a walk down the “aisle” together, joining their officiant at an overlook. Standing before sheer, layered walls of red and a valley of thriving high-desert foliage, these two pledged their lives to each other. Alycia and Robbie then celebrated with a hike around, exploring and twirling that gorgeous dress the whole way. Alycia had a specific vision for how she wanted to end their elopement, and we found the perfect spot for a sunset hike.

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Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0059.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0061.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0062.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0063.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0064.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0065.jpg

Hiking around Sedona for their Elopement Sunset

How someone reacts to the question, “do you want to hike in your wedding dress?” will reveal a lot about them. Alycia didn’t flinch. Instead, she wore scrabbling-friendly shoes and Robbie wore hiking boots. The smiles never left their faces as we climbed higher and higher, reaching a vista far above the valley to watch the sunset. As the colors got more dramatic, Alycia and Robbie laughed, danced, and tried putting on serious faces for the camera. Eventually they settled in and leaned into each other as the first sunset of their marriage dipped below the horizon before their eyes.

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Alycia had a specific vision for how their elopement day would end. She hoped to find a spot to set up candles and get images of her and Robbie in the glow of candlelight. We quickly set up the candles (which are LED and fire-free) at an overlook to the valley, which was turning to pinks and blues. We snapped images from a distance as they soaked in the incredible day. It was perfect timing. Right as it got dark, Alycia and Robbie put on headlamps for the hike back and the skies opened! It poured rain upon us the entire hike back down. I’ve heard rain is good luck for a marriage. If so, these two got a great head start on life together. 

Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0066.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0067.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0068.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0069.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0071.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0070.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0072.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0073.jpg

Sedona Elopement Vendors


The Foxes are Brandon and Gabi Fox, an adventurous husband and wife elopement photography team living and traveling in their DIY renovated 1972 Airstream. They are loosely based in the Pacific Northwest, but travel for work and play throughout the western states and beyond. Their elopement photography is award winning and is described as candid photography that captures couples as they are, where they are, blending images of love and natural beauty in the great outdoors. 

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