Olympic National Park Elopement

Olympic National Park Elopement

Sara and Sebastian originally planned to have a full wedding, but eloping with their closest family and friends felt more like them. Sara was fully prepared for a wet day on the Washington coast. However, they say if you pack your rain gear you won’t have to use it, and that is exactly what happened during this sunny Olympic National Park elopement.

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The Forest and Beach for this Olympic National Park Elopement

Sebastian stood at the end of a hand-built wooden bridge in Olympic National Park. His bride, Sara, emerged from the greenery and tapped him on the shoulder. His first look at her spoke volumes. Together, they embraced beneath the towering old growth forests. Olympic National Park is home to some of the wildest-feeling forests left in the United States. The lush greenery and moss-covered everything remind you that it’s never long between rain showers. This makes a sunny day here feel that much more special. Sara and Sebastian embraced the natural beauty of their surroundings. After soaking in the forest, they joined a small group of family and friends for a ceremony on the beach.

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Loved ones showered Sara and Sebastian in champagne toasts and hugs following their vow exchange. Someone brought out the cheese plates and delicious snacks for a beach picnic. Everyone laughed and embraced and enjoyed each other’s company. There’s something we love about witnessing the excitement following a marriage ceremony. Not all elopement we photograph include guests. Whether those celebrating number two or twenty, the smiles on everyone’s faces and excitement about the future are truly contagious.

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Olympic National Park Elopement with an Epic Sunset on the Beach

The sun was shining in full force during this Olympic National Park elopement, but Sara made sure her rain boots came in handy. Sara and Sebastian wandered further down the beach to have some time to themselves and celebrate the beginning of their marriage. A first dance in the sand was followed by wading through shallow water to one of the rocky outcroppings along the beach. Framed by one of the iconic towering rock islands that make the PNW coastline so famous, Sara leaned into her partner and he kissed her forehead. The evening sunlight shining through the tulle in Sara’s skirt was stunning. These two excited newlyweds couldn’t be still for long, and Sara jumped back into the water and laughed in the arms of Sebastian as he swung her around on the coastline.

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The sun began to dip closer to the horizon. Sara and Sebastian looked toward a natural doorway through an island off the coast, where the sun was perfectly outlined. Brilliant orange rays of light fell through the opening. Dramatic colors backlit another intimate moment and they soaked in the final minutes of sun on their elopement day. Laughing, Sara hopped onto Sebastian’s back and piggybacked across the beach. Olympic National Park was the perfect location for these two to elope, and they were gifted one of the most gorgeous spring days we’ve seen in Washington. However, the day was not entirely over yet! Sara and Sebastian saved the best for last and lovingly shoved cake into each other’s face to celebrate the end of their beautiful sunny Olympic National Park elopement.


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The Foxes are Brandon and Gabi Fox, an adventurous husband and wife elopement photography team living and traveling in their DIY renovated 1972 Airstream. They are loosely based in the Pacific Northwest, but travel for work and play throughout the western states and beyond. Their elopement photography is award winning and is described as candid photography that captures couples as they are, where they are, blending images of love and natural beauty in the great outdoors. 

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