Olympic National Park Elopement Scouting

Olympic National Park Elopement Scouting

We took a quick two-day road trip around the Olympic Peninsula to do some Olympic National Park elopement location scouting, the mountains here were definitely a highlight of the trip. Keep reading to hear about this awesome and ideal elopement location.


olympic national park elopement scouting
When the view literally blows you away.


Olympic National Park elopement location

On the last day day of our scouting trip around the Olympic Peninsula, we were done with the coast and ready for some mountains. Gabi had done a bunch of research around cool places on the peninsula and read about Hurricane Ridge and the mountains around there. The photos looked beautiful so we had to check them out!


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There are a handful of spots we’d recommend for elopement or intimate wedding ceremony locations up here. You have several options, which can be narrowed down depending on how much you want to hike. There’s one beautiful spot that’s right be the parking lot, which would be good for anyone who needs a minimal approach. On the other hand, the short hike to the summit of the mountain rewards you with some pretty spectacular views. To be honest, we can’t pick a favorite spot. You really can’t go wrong here.



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