New Zealand Wedding at Bethells Beach

New Zealand Wedding at Bethells Beach

Polina and Matt invited family and friends from many countries to meet them for their New Zealand wedding at Bethells Beach. Together, they relaxed on the north island and explored some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The greenery and natural details incorporated into this wedding perfectly complimented the surrounding landscape.

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First Look at Bethells Beach

Polina and Matt had their first look amongst the towering green foliage of New Zealand’s North Island beaches. Images of them standing beside the blades of grass extending above their heads have a “Jurassic Park” vibe, or maybe “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” The lush greenery made for a dramatic background to their sweet portraits. Following their first look, we walked down to the sandy beaches and enjoyed a blue-sky portrait session. Polina and Matt ran down the beach, Polina’s skirt catching around her legs from the strong winds. These two were all smiles and laughter as they began their wedding day in such a stunning place.

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Bethells Beach is west of Auckland, on the North Island. It is also known as Te Henga – a Māori word meaning “sand.” It is a many miles wide beach at the mouth of the Waitakere river, where the river flows into the Tasman Sea. The beach itself has a long history of regional significance. It is now a popular summer destination for New Zealander’s and visitors alike. The sand dunes are thousands of years old and tower above the beachgoers. There are many cute cottages and vacation homes in Bethells Beach, and that is where we all went following these portraits. Polina and Matt spent the rest of their wedding day with a ceremony and reception surrounded by their family and friends. 

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New Zealand Wedding and Reception in Bethells Beach

The details Polina and Matt included in their wedding and reception were sweet and personalized to their guests. From photo name cards at the table to floral arrangements nodding to the variety naturally found all around them, they thoughtfully incorporated it all. Leading up to the ceremony, Polina and Matt each spent time with their families. Matt’s mother pinned a flower on his lapel, and Polina’s father proudly walked her down the isle. Their vows illicit smiles, tears, and laughter all at once. The love radiating from their guests was tangible as Polina and Matt were named husband and wife.

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We so often photograph elopements with few guests, but witnessing the entire group laugh during toasts at dinner was something truly special. Polina and Matt showed so much love for each other and those who joined them on their wedding day. They said “I do” in a place so beautiful and close to nature, you could easily forget New Zealand’s largest city was a short drive away. The North Island is known for having lovely weather and a diversity of environments – and Bethell Beach is almost tropical during the summer. The air was warm as the sun set and the green hills glowed gold. After a few more portraits, we all went inside for desserts and dancing. ,


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