Hurricane Ridge Elopement

Hurricane Ridge Elopement

Jamie and Jason traveled to Olympic National Park and the Washington coast during this Hurricane Ridge Elopement. The sky was clear and sunny but the air had a chill on the evening of their marriage. Washington can be known for quickly-changing weather, and these two had fun getting rained out during their Rialto Beach day-after adventure session.

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Forested First Look and Hurricane Ridge Elopement

Hurricane Ridge is one of the most popular destinations in Olympic National Park. At just over five thousand feet, it is accessible year-round. However, the overlook toward nearby peaks gives you the impression of being high amongst the giant mountains of the Olympic range. Depending on the time of year, a trip to Hurricane Ridge might be a stunning sunny hike or you’ll want skis and a snowsuit. The evening of Jamie and Jason’s elopement, the sky was clear but cool. Their ceremony was absolutely beautiful and they snuggled under a blanket as the sun went down. This elopement was full of intimate and sweet moments. From their first look, to their ceremony, to the letters they read beneath a blanket at the end of the day – Jamie and Jason truly embraced the beauty of their surroundings.

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Jamie and Jason began their day with a first look in the forest. The Olympic Peninsula was known for being green long before the days of Twilight, and this day was no exception. The old growth trees towered above Jason as he stood, waiting for his bride. Jamie walked up and tapped him on the shoulder. They shared an intimate first look at each other on a hand-built wooden bridge before meeting their officiant. On a hillside, with snowy peaks surrounding their ceremony location, Jason and Jamie exchanged vows. Officially married, they ate cupcakes, popped champagne, and simply enjoyed the rest of their day together. We met up again for a day-after adventure session at Rialto Beach.

hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0001.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0002.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0003.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0004.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0005.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0006.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0007.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0008.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0009.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0010.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0011.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0012.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0013.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0014.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0015.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0016.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0017.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0018.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0019.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0020.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0021.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0022.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0023.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0024.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0025.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0026.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0027.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0028.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0029.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0030.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0031.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0032.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0033.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0034.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0035.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0036.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0037.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0038.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0039.jpg

Rialto Beach Day-After Session

The Olympic Peninsula in Washington state is one of the wettest places in the world. Jamie and Jason were lucky to have a sunny Hurricane Ridge elopement, but it was appropriate that their day-after session was rainy and socked-in by fog. Sometimes day-after sessions feature a couple in their wedding attire, but it is also an opportunity to be less formal. Jamie’s yellow cardigan stood out in stark contrast to their gray surroundings. She and Jason embraced the wet and ran together on the beach, getting their feet in the surf, and laughing as they became steadily more water-logged. Their joy was contagious and their curiosity was peaked by the tide pools and expansive living communities along the coast. We found dozens of starfish among the rocks and even saw a stingray! 

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Rialto beach is adjacent to a campground and the mouth of the Quillayute River. North of La Push, the region has a living indigenous history and the Quileute Indian Reservation is just to the south. The Pacific Northwest coastline continues to have a foundational significance to the cultures and lives of those who live there. Sea stacks and rock formations are iconic images along the Washington coast and Rialto beach has a dramatic rocky backdrop. Jamie and Jason ran along the coast and explored throughout their adventure session. This elopement and day-after session took two iconic places along the west coast and created a truly Washington elopement experience. 

hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0040.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0041.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0042.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0043.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0044.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0045.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0046.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0047.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0048.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0049.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0050.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0051.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0052.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0053.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0054.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0055.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0056.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0057.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0058.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0059.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0060.jpg hurricane_ridge_jamie_jason_0061.jpg

Hurricane Ridge Elopement Vendors


The Foxes are Brandon and Gabi Fox, an adventurous husband and wife elopement photography team living and traveling in their DIY renovated 1972 Airstream. They are loosely based in the Pacific Northwest, but travel for work and play throughout the western states and beyond. Their elopement photography is award winning and is described as candid photography that captures couples as they are, where they are, blending images of love and natural beauty in the great outdoors. 

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