Colorado Mountain Elopement

Colorado Mountain Elopement

This Colorado mountain elopement had everything – stunning views, gorgeous and meaningful attire, champaign toasts, and a world-class dinner. Meredith and Humayan stood at the base of massive mountains in Ouray, Colorado to commit their lives to each other. A Colorado mountain elopement is the perfect way to begin marriage.

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Ouray, the Switzerland of America: A Colorado Mountain Elopement

The mountains around Ouray, Colorado where Meredith and Humayun eloped are some of the most stunning features of the natural world. The town is a destination for mountain lovers. It is often referred to as the “Switzerland of America” because of the similarity you can see between these mountains and the Swiss Alps. For a town of just over 1,000 people, Ouray has made a big name for itself in the community of adventure seekers. Those who thirst for elevation and stunning views need to add these mountains to their bucket list. The San Juans boast the highest concentration of 14ers in Colorado (peaks above 14,000 feet) and the climbing possibilities are endless. 

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Meredith and Humayun embraced the wide range of possibilities with their elopement and took full advantage of their gorgeous location. Humayun is Pakistani and their first set of photos show them in colorful attire – Her outfit is called a Sharara and his is a Sherwani. Every detail was beautiful. They ended the first half of their day with a picnic before changing into the traditional Western wedding attire and saying vows.

Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0023.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0024.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0007.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0012.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0022.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0015.jpgColorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0019.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0001.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0028.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0039.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0037.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0027.jpg

An Outfit Change for a Mountain Elopement Ceremony

Ouray sits in the valley between some of the highest peaks in North America. Winter can cling on, and the seasons are dramatic. An early Autumn snowfall brought a beautiful dusting of white to the mountains during Meredith and Humayun’s elopement. After spending the first half of the day in traditional Pakistani garb, each of them dressed in the traditional Western bridal attire of a suit and white dress. Meredith’s dress was from BHLDN

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When they began saying their vows, happy tears were shed from all of us. Meredith was wrapped up in a warm blanket while Humayun expressed his love and afterward they cheered to the future and popped champagne. It was the perfect end to a stunning Colorado mountain elopement. Except, it wasn’t over just yet! After the ceremony, they returned to their cabin for a private meal prepared by a professional chef. 

Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0018.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0013.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0021.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0014.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0040.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0016.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0017.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0011.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0004.jpgColorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0020.jpgColorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0002.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0026.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0038.jpgColorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0025.jpg

A Gourmet Meal in a Cabin: The Perfect Ending to a Colorado Mountain Elopement

After a very full day eloping in the mountains of Ouray, Meredith and Humayun returned to their cabin in Telluride, Colorado for a meal and first dance. By the light of a wood-burning stove, the newlyweds made their ceremony official by signing the documents and sat down to celebrate a marriage well-begun. Their first dinner date as a married couple set the bar high with food professionally prepared by chef Grant Buchanan. From the mountains to the kitchen, Meredith and Humayun celebrated eloping in the best way possible. We had an absolutely wonderful time documenting this Colorado elopement and we will never cease to be amazed by the mountains surrounding Ouray.

Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0034.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0035.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0032.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0036.jpg Colorado-Mountain-Elopement-Meredith-Humayun_0033.jpg



The Foxes are Brandon and Gabi Fox, an adventurous husband and wife elopement photography team living and traveling in their DIY renovated 1972 Airstream. They are loosely based in the Pacific Northwest, but travel for work and play throughout the western states and beyond. Their elopement photography is award winning and is described as candid photography that captures couples as they are, where they are, blending images of love and natural beauty in the great outdoors. 

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