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The Foxpack Elopement Packages

We’ve been photographing elopements full time since 2017 and have collectively shot over 180 epic adventure elopements all over the world – it’s safe to say that we’re elopement photography experts and we really know how to plan incredible elopement packages for an unforgettable day. 

Elopement packages with adventure elopement photographers

Elopement packages

We’re going to be with you throughout the entire planning process and when it’s finally time to elope, we’re going to feel like old friends. And of course, we are masters at the art of photographing couples in landscapes and documenting every part of your adventure. When you finally look at your finished gallery, you’ll be transported right back to the beautiful place you said “I do.”

And if anyone you know had doubts as to why you chose an elopement package, when they see your photos they'll finally get it!

The ADVENTURE elopement

4 hour elopement

Some of our favorite elopement locations are easy to access with minimal hiking, meaning you can pack a ton of adventure into a shorter day. But being out for half the day does not mean half the fun! We’ll help you craft an epic elopement full of incredible photo ops and fun adventure. These are locations we’ve shot at many times and know like the back of our hand, so we know how to plan a day that maximizes the whole experience. We’ll meet up at the trailhead and then head out for either the first 4 (sunrise) or last 4 (sunset) hours of the day, exploring everything your chosen location has to offer.

Interested in eloping this spring? Check out our special last minute elopement package! 

elopement packages

Elopement packages best for: Couples who want to have a shorter day that doesn’t skimp on the adventurous experience or epic photos

$4,800 w/ Hannah or Zoe *Only available for select locations in the Pacific Northwest*
Interested in eloping this spring? Check out our special last minute elopement package! 

Elopement packages best for: Couples who want to maximize every bit of fun and adventure possible from their elopement day and location

$5,800 w/ Hannah or zoe
$8,000 w/ the foxes *limited availability – see travel schedule*

Full day, full value adventure elopement

Full day elopement

We’ll soak up every bit of adventure your location has to offer. Want a ton of variety in your photos? You got it! We’ll recommend locations that have options for exploring multiple trails and we’ll take you on a tour of our favorite photo spots. Or maybe we’ll stick to one longer trail that’s loaded with epic views beginning to end. Or maybe you want to have a mid day paddle on an alpine lake, or a helicopter tour to a glacier, or a snorkeling excursion to swim with sea turtles…whatever adventure you dream up in whatever ridiculously scenic spot we’re in, we’ll be there to beautifully document every minute of it.

sunrise and sunset elopement packages

sun-up to sun-down elopements

There’s nothing quite like watching the sun rise and set over a stunning landscape on your wedding day. It’s an early wake up call, but oh so worth it. We’ll get double the epic photos in the best light of the day, experiencing two distinctly separate locations that’ll give you the most variety in your gallery. We’ll get to experience the most jam packed day of epic adventure possible, with plenty of time for snacks and siestas in between 😉 Not every location is well suited for a sunrise+sunset day, so we’ll help advise if this is a good package for your location. For the spots that are a good fit, the experience is unforgettable!

elopement packages

Elopement packages best for: Locations that have amazing spots for both sunrise and sunset. We’ll help advise on this!

$6,800 w/ Hannah or zoe
$9,000 w/ the foxes *limited availability – see travel schedule

Washington Elopement Photographer

Elopement packages best for: Couples that want their multiday adventure, or destination elopementmoon (elopement + honeymoon), epically documented

$7,800 w/ Hannah or zoe
$10,000 w/ the foxes *limited availability – see travel schedule*

Backpacking/ multi DAY elopement packages

the ultimate adventure elopement

If you’re a couple who loves going on overnight adventures in the mountains together, we don’t need to tell you how incredible that experience is. Watching the sun set as you say your vows from a remote mountain top, cooking up your wedding dinner by camping stove, sleeping under the starry sky, and then waking up for an unforgettable sunrise…it doesn’t get much more adventurous and memorable than this. Or for multidays – this package comes with 2 days for twice the adventure; one day for the full day elopement and one day for another adventure you probably don’t want to do in your wedding clothes 😉 

All Elopement Packages include

Elopement Packages

We’ll create your own custom planning portal with a personal login where you can access all the specific info, details, checklists, and tools you’ll need to plan your elopement. Your location recommendations will be found here, along with planning and day-of timelines, vendor referrals, lodging guidance, marriage license and permit info, maps, style guides, tips and ideas for making your day extra special, and much more.

Plus, unlimited consulting and check-ins with us throughout the whole process. Forget about the stress of planning, we got you!

When you hire one of us from the Foxpack, you’re really getting all of us. We all chat nearly every day, keeping each other updated on important things like surprise road/trail closures, new locations, weather, cool Airbnbs, vendors, picnic ideas, and so much more (it’s a lot of doggy pics and videos). So you can rest easy during your planning knowing that the whole Fox team has your back!

The first step to recommending locations is getting to know the details of your dream elopement. What kind of landscape you love, how much hiking you’re up for, number of guests, if you need a dog friendly trail, and time of year all factor into which locations we recommend to you. We’ll then narrow it down to a few options that are the best fit for your elopement, explaining the pros of each area and any potential cons. Or you can simply leave the decision making to us and we’ll take you to the spot that we know will give you all the chills and thrills!

Teaser photos delivered within one week of elopement // Full gallery delivered within 10 weeks of elopement via a custom online gallery of 250-700+ photos (depending on the scope of your day) // Download at print and web res with all printing rights // Print store also attached to gallery for easy and high quality professional printing


It varies, but we pretty much always hike a minimum of 2 miles round trip throughout the course of the elopement. Some couples prefer lighter hiking and others want a longer trek, so we tailor our location recommendations based on how much hiking you and your guests are up for. And we work with couples of allllll kinds of different fitness levels. Whether you want to have an easy stroll to breathtaking views, or you want a big hike to a remote and adventurous location – we’re here to help craft and document it all.

We love meeting your closest loved ones that share the same passion for outdoor adventure that you have. We help recommend locations that can accommodate your guests hiking ability and craft a day that includes quality time with your guests, with some alone time for your own personal adventure too 😉 

*To abide by most National Park group size regulations, current Covid-19 gathering size restrictions, and to help lower the impact large gatherings have on public lands, we generally limit elopements to 10 guests. There are a few locations that can sustain larger group sizes so should you want to invite more guests, reach out and we can help with the location. We also recommend having larger wedding ceremonies at Airbnb/venue locations and then going off on a post ceremony sunset adventure for epic photos!*

We’ve planned plenty of incredible elopements in under 3 weeks! In fact, we have a special package for last minute weddings and elopements. If you love the idea of getting married in true “elopement style” we are here to make your dreams come true!


Exploring unique landscapes, experiencing new cultures, and tasting different cuisines are some of the best things about international travel and we know that there are many couples out there who love those things too. We love having the opportunity to help our couples plan international adventures in wild places! We’ll put our expert location scouting skills to work finding all the epic spots, researching local vendors, and helping you navigate all the legal marriage stuff (PS it’s not always as tricky as you’d think, although sometimes it’s easier to do the legal part stateside).

And as for your epic day… maybe we stop at a local distillery in the Scottish highlands, grab a slice of margarita pizza along the Amalfi Coast in Italy, ride camels into the sunset across the Moroccan desert, hop in a helicopter to take us to a glacier in New Zealand, or ride cable cars between the snow capped peaks of the Swiss Alps. We’ll help plan an epic day that fully embodies the local culture of the country you’ve decided to get married in.


Most US states require you to have an officiant and two witnesses sign your marriage license. We’re usually your witnesses and you hire an officiant to lead you through a beautiful and meaningful ceremony. We know and recommend officiants who specialize in elopements and share our passion for the outdoors. They are always more than happy to hike to your epic elopement spot to get you married with a view. We are also all legal officiants prepared to sign your marriage license should we need to.

We also recommend other elopement specific vendors (florists, cake bakers, hair and makeup artists, musicians, caterers) just in case you’d like to incorporate other elements into your day. While we help connect you with the best vendors in the location you’re eloping in, you will be the one to communicate with and officially book any other vendors.

Do all of our elopement packages sound amazing and you’re not quite sure which one to pick? We’ll help you figure this out! Get in touch and book a time to chat with us – it’s free and we can nerd out on all things elopements 😉

We do travel outside of our schedule! If you haven’t noticed, we kinda love traveling 😉 If there’s a location or area you want to explore with us, just let us know and we’ll see what we can make work!

There are no additional travel fees for all locations currently on our travel schedule. If you’d like to elope somewhere outside our travel schedule, we can discuss a reasonable flat rate travel fee.


Have you ever heard the expression, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear?” That’s our philosophy! It’s best to keep an open mind and embrace whatever Mother Nature throws at us! We’re experts at shooting in all kinds of weather, and we can tell you from experience that “bad” weather doesn’t mean a bad day or bad photos in the least. We’ll help prepare you for rain or shine so we can make the most of the day regardless of the weather. We promise you’ll end up having a blast and your photos of the day will be amazing either way! Check out this rainy day elopement for an idea of how amazing your day can be even if it’s pouring on us.

Leave No Trace (LNT) is a set of ethical guidelines to follow when in the outdoors to help protect our lands and make as little impact on them as possible. As taken directly from the LNT website “The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace provide an easily understood framework of minimum impact practices for anyone visiting the outdoors.” As professionals that work on public lands, it is our responsibility to be great stewards of the land, practice these principals in our work, and educate our couples on how to practice them too!

On your anniversaries in the years to come, we want you to return to that epic landscape and find it just as beautiful as you remembered it!

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