more OF A partnership than A "package"

We have been a part of all kinds of elopements, worked with many different types of couples, and captured more adventures than we can count. If there’s one thing we’ve realized from all those experiences, it’s that your elopement doesn’t fit into a “package” and the relationship with your photographer doesn’t either.

After planning and photographing so many elopements, we know how to structure an unforgettable day and make the most of it. We’re going to be with you throughout the entire planning process, guiding you through any questions you have and crafting the perfect adventure for youWe recommend locations based on the landscapes that inspire you, refer vendors specific to your vision and personalities, consult on design details, text back and forth about dresses, and so much more.

When it’s finally time to elope, we’re going to feel like old friends sharing a very special adventure together. If you’re getting ready in your cabin drinking mimosas and listening to pump-up jams – we’re partying with you! If there’s an hour drive from your cabin to the trailhead, we’ll give you two a walkie-talkie so we can keep in touch on the drive out. When you’re in the trailhead parking lot, we’re strapping your bouquet to our backpack and shoving a few summit beers in there too 😉 We’re laughing and swapping stories on the hike out and cheersing you after the ceremony. And after spending the day romping around an epic landscape, we’re all hiking back by headlamps under the stars.  

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Every elopement is so personal, for you and for us, which is why we are so insanely passionate about this job.

And of course, we’re going to photograph every moment of it! What you see on our Instagram and website is just a fraction of what we capture. There are so many little details and moments and views that are unique to telling the story of your day. Along with the epic portraits, we’re snapping fun behind-the-scenes shots, pics of your dirty dress and hiking boots, majestic photos of your dog, landscape panoramas, and sneaking ninja snaps of sweet little moments between you and your partner when you don’t even realize it. When you finally look at your finished gallery, you’ll be transported right back to that mountainside or coastline or forest or desert where you got married. And if anyone you know had doubts or questions as to why you eloped, they’ll finally get it. 


elopement PACKAGE pricing AND DETAILS

See detailed pricing below


We don't charge by the hour, instead we're there to capture the full adventure of your day. Depending on your lodging, drive times to trailheads, hike times, and other details of your adventure, days typically range from 5 to 8 hours.


We'll create your own custom planning portal with a personal login where you can access all the specific info, details, checklists, and tools you’ll need to plan your elopement. Your location recommendations will be found here, along with planning and day-of timelines, vendor referrals, lodging guidance, marriage license and permit info, maps, style guides, tips and ideas for making your day extra special, and much more. Plus, unlimited consulting and check-ins with us throughout the whole process. Forget about the stress of planning, we got you!​


The first step to recommending locations is getting to know the details of your dream elopement. What kind of landscape you love, how much hiking you’re up for, number of guests, if you need a dog friendly trail, and time of year all factor into which locations we recommend to you. We'll then narrow it down to a few options that are the best fit for your elopement, explaining the pros of each area and any potential cons. Or you can simply leave the decision making to us and we'll take you to the spot that we know will give you all the chills and thrills!


10 teaser photos delivered within two days. Online gallery with digital download of all images at print and web res. delivered within 6 weeks.

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$7,000 // Elopements
$8,000 // Elopements with guests

Each option is full day coverage for multiple locations,  full day adventures, and weddings that require the original experts.


$4,000 // elopements
$5,000 // elopements with guests

Each package includes the same planning portal, expert advice, unlimited planning consultation, location and vendor recommendations, quality of images, and style of editing that the Foxes provide.


We’re all friendly people and love working with all kinds of personalities! The only qualifications are that you two love each other and you want an unforgettable adventure for your day 🙂 Whether you want to have an easy hike to breathtaking views for your vow exchange, or you want to do a multi-pitch alpine climb for your ceremony – we’re here to help craft and document it all. Whether this is your first outdoorsy experience, or you grew up hiking in the backcountry with your family – we’re here to be your guides through the entire process.

It varies, but we pretty much always hike a minimum of 2 miles round trip throughout the course of the elopement. Some couples prefer lighter hiking and others want a longer trek, so we tailor our location recommendations based on how much hiking you and your guests are up for. If you are inviting guests who can’t hike far, we know of roadside locations that are perfect for ceremonies. But we always go off during sunset and do additional hiking with just the couple. We should also note that we always stay out through the full sunset and into blue hour, so we are usually hiking out as it gets dark. Don’t worry, we bring headlamps!

We do! We love meeting your closest loved ones that share the same passion for outdoor adventure that you have. We help recommend locations that can accommodate your guests hiking ability and craft a day that includes quality time with your guests, with some alone time for your own personal adventure too 😉 

*We have limited availability for elopements with 10-15 guests and highly recommend working with one of our recommended elopement planners/day-of coordinators for anything over that guest count. We still help with much of the planning process, but having a dedicated person to handle the organization, setup, decorating, and so much more for you on the elopement day is invaluable.*

In short, the answer is no. There’s nothing wrong with larger weddings, but our expertise is best put to use planning and photographing elopements and intimate weddings with 15 guests or less. Photographing adventure elopements comes with a very different skillset than traditional weddings. By focusing on this niche, we are able to bring the absolute best knowledge, skills, and service to your adventure. 

Have you ever heard the expression, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear?” That’s our philosophy! Due to a busy schedule and remote shooting locations, we cannot be flexible on dates based on weather. So it’s best to keep an open mind and embrace whatever Mother Nature throws at us! We’re experts in shooting in all kinds of weather, and we can tell you from experience that “bad” weather doesn’t mean a bad day or bad photos in the least. We’ll help prepare you for rain or shine so we can make the most of the day regardless of the weather. We promise you’ll end up having a blast and your photos of the day will be amazing either way!

Short answer: sometimes. Once our travel schedule is set for the year, we generally stick to it. However, we love being spontaneous and exploring new places. If there’s a location you’d like for us to add to our schedule, and you think we might be interested in exploring it, get in touch! We’ll see what we can make work 🙂