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Some of the best memories are created while traveling the world together

Here’s us, standing in the middle of a big swinging bridge at the base of a mountain staring up at the stars at the dark sky preserve Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand. Along this particular hike there are three huge swing bridges you cross. Before getting on the bridge we’d turn our headlamps off to walk across the bridge in the darkness. We’d stop in the middle to look up and gaze at the stars, listen to the rushing river below us, and feel the subtle breeze of the mountain air blow by us. We’ve had countless incredible moments on our adventures in the US, but this particular moment in such a unique place was unforgettable.

This was worth traveling the world for ✨💫

yosemite elopement

We craft destination elopement days that are worth traveling the world for.

If you’re the kind of couple that loves learning about new cultures, eating different cuisines, and exploring landscapes that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen, then why not incorporate those experiences into your elopement?! And what better way to kickstart your marriage than an epic elopement honeymoon (or as we like to call it, an elopementmoon) adventure in a country you are exploring together for the first time. We help you plan days that incorporate the local culture, incredible food, and epic landscapes of the place you’re eloping in.

Our Destination Elopement photographer Packages

If you’re traveling to a destination to elope, you may as well go all out for your day! We want you to make the most of the place you’re eloping in so all of our destination elopement packages are for full day planning & coverage. We also have full day elopement packages that include a day before or day after adventure session, so we can document even more epic adventures on your elopementmoon (elopement-honeymoon).

No travel fees for destinations already on our travel schedule.

The Foxes

2021 travel schedule

White Sands National Park, NM




Redwoods, California


Kauai, HI
*Destination double day package available*



Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Dolomites, Italy

*Destination double day package available*



Mount Rainier, WA

North Cascades, WA



Booking for these months will open mid July 2020.

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