Dreaming of a Big Sur elopement?

It’s all about marrying your best friend in a place as incredible as your love for each other and making your day an adventurous experience. Let’s make your Big Sur elopement as epic as you envision it.


Hey! We’re The Foxes

We’re Brandon and Gabi and the Foxpack is our team of adventure elopement photographers. Our “home base” is Seattle, but we travel all over the Pacific Northwest, California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and beyond…basically wherever there are big mountains, epic beaches, vast deserts, and lots of adventure.

Between us (Gabi and Brandon), Hannah, and Zoe, we travel to Big Sur multiple times a year to document incredible elopement adventures in one of the countries most wild landscapes!


We’ve been road-life-ing it full time all around this country for the last 5 years, and have spent a lot of time exploring and photographing in Big Sur. While it can get busy with tourists, through our scouting we’ve found a handful of hidden gems away from all the crowds. Imagine big cliffs, jagged rocks, a subtle breeze, rolling hills, seagulls flying about, and big crashing waves. Big Sur one of the most romantic places you could imagine, perfect for an adventure elopement 😉

best places to elope in california
best places to elope in california


When it comes to capturing the actual elopement, we couldn’t be more in our element. We started out photographing landscapes and adventure sports/lifestyle, so being out in the wilderness makes us feel right at home. We’ve learned how to work with couples in all variety of landscapes, from shady old-growth forests to windswept mountaintops and everything in between. Although you might be nervous or hesitant about being in front of the camera, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable. We give gentle directions to help you into beautiful, natural poses without actually “posing.” Blending genuine intimacy with the surrounding landscape is what we do best.

Sound like we're the one's for you?

Let's do this.