Best Places to Elope in Oregon

Best Places to Elope in Oregon

Oregon really has it all. Western Oregon is covered with lush, mossy forests and cascading waterfalls. Head out to the coast and you’ll find what many would argue is the most breathtaking of the rugged PNW coastlines, with giant sea stacks, rocky coves, and sandy beaches that stretch uninterrupted for miles. The center of the state is defined by the Cascade mountain range. Here you can experience some of the best outdoor adventure in the state, exploring snowcapped volcanic mountain peaks, alpine lakes, hot springs, waterfalls, and rivers. On the east side of the mountains, the climate is much drier with a desert environment featuring rocky pillars, rich red sand dunes, and lots of sun. Whatever you’re looking for, there are so many incredible places to elope in Oregon. 😉

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How to elope in Oregon

when is the best time to elope in Oregon?

BEST TIME TO VISIT: June – September

CLIMATE: The mid summer months (June through September) are the driest months in Oregon and the temperature rarely climbs above the 80s, making for some of the best summer weather in the country. October can be gorgeous with vibrant pops of color from the changing leaves, but this is also when the rain starts to move in. Regardless of the rain, though, it can be a beautiful time to visit. By November, you’re pretty much into the PNW rainy season. Winters in western Oregon are mild and wet. But all this precipitation equates to lots of beautiful snow in the mountains, providing awesome powder days on the slopes and some stellar snowshoeing. The eastern side of the state is a lot sunnier but a lot colder.

the national and state parks are great places to elope in Oregon

LANDSCAPES: Rugged beaches / snowcapped mountains / alpine lakes / waterfalls / old growth forests / rainforests

NATIONAL PARKS: Crater Lake National Park

BEST CITIES FOR LODGING AND ADVENTURE: Portland / Cannon Beach / Pacific City / Astoria / Eugene / Bend

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: While there’s only 1 national park in Oregon, Crater Lake, there are over a hundred state parks that are incredibly epic and provide so many wonderful places to elope in Oregon. There’s so much to explore! And if you’re a dog lover, most parks and trails in Oregon are dog friendly. We’d argue that Oregon is the most dog friendly state in the country 😉

INTERESTING FACT: The state varies A LOT in climate from the west to the east! You can expect the Oregon coast to be 10 degrees cooler than Portland and is usually overcast fall through spring. Bend, on the eastern side of the mountains, is a dryer climate with greater temperature swings and is usually a lot sunnier fall through spring.

applying for your Oregon marriage license

MARRIAGE LICENSE: To apply for your marriage license, you must apply in person no more than 60 days before your elopement. You will receive your license the day you apply for it, there is no waiting period. You’re required to have an officiant and two witnesses. The application is $60.

For more details, visit the Multnomah County Website.

So where are the best places to elope in Oregon?

Click one of the links below to jump to more info about that area, or keep scrolling to read about all the best places to elope in Oregon.

  1. Oregon Coast
  2. Bend
  3. Waterfall
  4. Columbia River Gorge
  5. Final Thoughts
Best places to elope in oregon

Eloping on the OREGON COAST

The Oregon coast is known for its rugged beaches, big haystack rocks, and laid back vibe. In Pacific City you can drive your car right on to the beach, pop open your trunk, and enjoy a beer while watching the surfers catch waves in front of the giant Cape Kiwanda. The temperature is a lot cooler than a tropical beach, but you can still bask in the sun on a warm summer day. The incredibly scenic Highway 101 hugs the coastline, offering up stunning vista after stunning vista and access to lots of hiking. After a day spent wandering up and down the dramatic coastline, you can end with a warm bonfire right on the beach.

Driving time from Portland: 1.5 – 2.5 hours (or more if you go farther south)

Best place to look for lodging: This depends on which area you want to elope in, but some towns to keep in mind are Astoria, Cannon Beach, Manzanita, Pacific City, and Lincoln City. They all have plenty of lodging options, restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores. Airbnbs tend to book up fast during the peak summer months, so make sure to reserve a place ASAP!

Check out pics from our Oregon Coast Elopements

best places to elope in oregon

Eloping in Bend

Bend, OR is a fun little mountain town on the eastern side of the mountains known for its outdoorsy residents and craft breweries – over 20 of them and counting! Willamette National Forest is just to the west of Bend and provides classic PNW snowcapped mountains and forests. Smith Rock State Park, Oregon’s little version of Zion National Park, is just to the north of Bend and is known for its red desert cliffs and rock climbing. With snowcapped mountains, epic waterfalls, and red desert cliffs, it’s a one stop destination for all kinds of adventure.

Driving time from Portland: 3.5 hours

Best place to look for lodging: Bend, OR on Airbnb! Bend is a lively town filled with great restaurants, shops, and breweries. Being so close to Portland also makes it pretty busy on the weekends, so make sure to book your reservations as soon as you can.

Check out pics from a session near Bend: Sparks Lake Adventure Session 

best places to elope in oregon

Eloping at an Oregon Waterfall

If there’s one thing that Oregon has every other state beat on, it’s waterfalls. According to Wikipedia, there are over 238 waterfalls sprinkled all over Oregon! Some are close to Portland, making it an easy getaway for those wanting to stay in the city, and some are farther out for those looking for a more remote experience. Some are almost roadside for many tourists to enjoy, and some require a bit of a hike to reach, giving you more privacy. But almost all of the waterfalls are surrounded by Oregon’s magical forests with big old trees, bright green ferns, and lots of hanging moss. If you want a waterfall elopement, Oregon is the perfect place, hands down!

Driving time from Portland: There are waterfalls sprinkled all over the Oregon. You can find epic waterfalls as close as 45 minutes from Portland.

Best place to look for lodging: Lodging completely depends on which waterfall you want to elope at! You can find waterfalls near every major city or cute little mountain town.

Check out pics: Oregon Waterfall Elopement Scouting

Eloping in Oregon

Eloping in the columbia river gorge

Mt. Hood is one of Oregon’s most beloved mountain peaks. It’s the massive snowcapped dome you can see from almost anywhere in Portland. It’s a breathtaking mountain with plenty of scenic hikes all over and for any difficulty. The Columbia River borders Mt. Hood National Forest and is another place loved for its scenic beauty and recreational activities. The Columbia River Gorge, or “the Gorge” as locals say, has sweeping cliff views of the river and is also known for some of the most famous waterfalls in Oregon.

Driving time from Portland: 1-2 hours

Best place to look for lodging: There are a lot of cute lodges all along the the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood. Your best bet is checking Airbnb.

Check out pics: Mt. Hood National Forest Google Images // Columbia River Gorge Google Images 

Oregon coast Elopement

some final tips for choosing the best place to elope in Oregon

You really can’t go wrong any of the places to elope in Oregon. Oregon is clearly full of one-of-a-kind landscapes to explore with endless epic photo ops. Making your decision on where to elope probably isn’t any easier after reading this guide haha. So here are some final thoughts for helping you narrow it down.

focus on the experience, not just the photos.

In all of the best places to elope in Oregon, you’re guaranteed to get epic photos, trust us photographers 😉 Instead of getting wrapped up in the kind of photos you want, it’s much better to focus on the overall experience. Do you want some luxury accommodations for your elopement night? How much do you mind crowds? What kinds of amenities would you like to have close by? What kind of weather do you want to elope in? These factors can help you narrow your decision down pretty quick!

how much adventuring do you want for your elopement?

The most popular destinations will often have plenty of options when it comes to trails and difficulty. So whether you want to hike 1 or 10 miles on your elopement day, there will probably be a perfect option for you. Other locations might be a bit more limiting, with only longer hikes if you want to experience the best views. We recommending hopping on All Trails to quickly explore the trails in each area so you can get a feel for how much hiking you might have to do there.

have an awesome time elopeing in Oregon!

We hope this guide was helpful as you start to plan an epic Oregon adventure elopement. This article just scratches the surface of eloping in Washington. If you’d like to work with us for your big day, we’ll hook it up with all of our favorite places to elope and help you plan and document an unforgettable adventure!

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