Hug Point Engagement Adventure Session

Hug Point Engagement Adventure Session

The Oregon Coast is loaded with amazing beaches, and Hug Point is one place we’ll never get tired of photographing. A storm may have been rolling in during this engagement adventure session, but we rolled with it and had a blast exploring this gorgeous stretch of Oregon coastline with Christy and Scott.

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Hug Point Engagement Adventure Session

We had a Hug Point elopement location scouting day earlier this summer, immediately fell in love with the beach, and have been itching to get back for a session there ever since. When Christy and Scott told us that the Oregon coast is special to them and that’s where they got engaged, we knew that a Hug Point engagement session would be the perfect spot for their adventure. We were already on the coast but Christy and Scott drove out from Portland to meet us. As to be expected for the PNW it was a rainy and windy day, but the second we walked onto the beach the wind died down and the rain held off. Funny how the weather does that sometimes 😉  

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  As you scroll through these photos you’ll notice our pup, Aiko, makes an appearance a few times. One of the other reasons we love Hug Point, and all of the Oregon coast beaches, is it’s dog friendly! Aiko loves splashing around in the water, and luckily Christy and Scott are dog lovers, so we were able to let him romp around during our session. As you scroll through these photos, you’ll also notice the variety in the scenery at Hug Point. There’s the pacific ocean, a waterfall, little cave, trees, big rock outcroppings, and lots of things to climb. It’s one of the most beautiful Oregon beaches and definitely one of our favorites of all time.  

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Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_001.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_005.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_007.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_010.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_014.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_021.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_023.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_026.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_027.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_031.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_030.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_037.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_040.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_043.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_048.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_052-2.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_053.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_064-2.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_068.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_069.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_070.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_077-2.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_078.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_079.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_080.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_094.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_096.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_099.jpg Hug_Point_Engagement_Oregon_Coast_The_Foxes_Photography_100.jpg

The Foxes are Brandon and Gabi Fox, an adventurous husband and wife elopement photography team living and traveling in their DIY renovated 1972 Airstream. They are loosely based in the Pacific Northwest, but travel for work and play throughout the western states and beyond. Their elopement photography is award winning and is described as candid photography that captures couples as they are, where they are, blending images of love and natural beauty in the great outdoors.