Hey! We're the Foxpack

Founded by the OG Foxes, Gabi and Brandon, the Foxpack is a tight-knit team of adventurous photographers who double as mountain guides, explorers, nomads, and planners, dedicated to providing the ultimate experience for your adventure wedding. 

Everyone on the team was handpicked by the Foxes and trained on the Fox Experience, from guiding couples through their elopement planning process to documenting their epic wedding day with stunning photos in the Fox style. 

Between everyone in the pack, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in traveling and documenting adventures all over the world. When you work with a member of the Foxpack for your elopement, you aren’t just working with that photographer; you’re working with an entire team of elopement experts who are dedicated to crafting and capturing unforgettable adventures.

We have trained our team on all things "Fox Elopements." When you work with the Foxpack, you can expect the same planning help, location recommendations, fun experience, and of course, a gallery of stunning images shot and edited to look exactly like our work.


Brandon and Gabi

Hey, it's us! Our journey here started in 2014 when we quit our city jobs and hit the road to rock climb around the country. We got into photography while documenting our travels and when we discovered elopements, we knew we had found our calling. We now home-base in Washington, but still travel around each year in our 1972 Airstream. We've driven multiple laps around the country and are excited to take our explorations abroad more in the future.

Josh and Charly

Hello! We met, like you tend to do in Seattle, at the climbing gym via Tinder. Something clicked because we've been photographing, exploring, and adventuring together ever since. In 2018, we had our own adventure elopement in Iceland! It was magical and we're so excited to be photographing elopements with other like-minded couples. We are a super goofy couple and crazy dog parents who love to laugh and we can’t wait to laugh with you!


Hi! I'm a Seattle native, born and raised. As a kid, my parents would take me on backpacking trips through the Enchantments for our "family vacations", so I like to say exploring the mountains is in my DNA. I've traveled the world with my camera, photographing in amazing landscapes like the southwest desert, Colorado Rockies, Banff, Hawaii, New Zealand, Iceland, and of course, all over the PNW. So excited to be documenting epic wedding adventures in these places I love so much with the Foxpack!


Hey there, I'm Leah Fox! I'm Brandon's sister, so I guess you could say I've always been a part of the pack 😉 I'm not a photographer, but I'm super excited to be on the team as the CFO (Chief Foxpack Organizer haha). I'm a Chapman University School of Business graduate, so joining a small team of passionate entrepreneurs is right up my alley. And being a Colorado girl, my love for the mountains runs deep. I'll be the first Fox you connect with when reaching out and will help connect you with the best photographer for your day!

Elopement Photographer
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Yes! The short answer is that photos from the Foxpack will look like photos from the Foxes. But to get more specific, here are some more details:

Editing: All photos are edited with our custom editing preset. So you’ll get the same punchy, true-to-color photos that define our work.

Gear: We have outfitted our Foxpack photographers with the same professional cameras and lenses that we use. 

Posing and Directing: We have trained the Foxpack team on our approach and techniques we use to comfortably direct couples into natural, beautiful poses.  


It really depends on the Foxpack’s availability, your desired location, your budget, and how important having two photographers is.

Based on the details in your inquiry, we’ll recommend who we think will be the best fit for your day, unless you mention a preference.

Whoever you end up connecting with, you’re going to have an awesome day! Everyone on the Foxpack brings a fun, laid-back energy to the day with loads of psyche and knowledge for these stunning locations. 

You bet! One of the major benefits of working with a Foxpack photographer is getting access to your own planning portal, which contains so much helpful information, pictures, links, vendors, and more from our years of experience working with couples in so many different places.

Your Foxpack will be available to help with planning consultation too. And if you ever have a tricky question that they don’t know the answer to, they’ll defer to us 🙂 We’re all a team here collaborating behind the scenes to help couples have the best day possible. 

One of the best parts of the Foxpack is our increased availability in more places around the country, and even the world! We will have lots of availability in the PNW, along with many other popular spots throughout the western US, including Yosemite, Big Sur, the Redwoods, the southwest desert region, Alaska, and many more epic places. 

The Foxpack will also be open to international locations. Specifically, Charly and Josh are Iceland experts and Hannah spent 6 months exploring all over New Zealand. 

Check out our Travel Schedule page to see all the locations we’ll be available in this year. If you want to elope somewhere that’s not listed, get in touch and let us know. We might be able to add it to our travels!

Of course! Our PNW dates tend to book up quickly though, so if you’re inquiring later in the season we may not be available. If that’s the case, you can check out our international dates on the Travel Schedule page to see what epic mountains we’ll be exploring overseas. This year, we’ll be going to the Italian Dolomites and the Swiss Alps to catch wildflower season in June and July! 

Elopement Photographer
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